Chen Tai Chi Association of Austin

Come by and Join us for a class!

Chen Youze Push Hands

Austin Recreation Center – 1301 Shoal Creek (map)

We meet each Tuesday night at the Austin Rec. Center at 7:30.  Improve your health, challenge yourself mentally, and have a great time.   After attending the 7:30 class for a while, we would now like to invite class member to arrive at 7:00 to begin weapons classes.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Congratulations Angel!

Congratulations to Angel for receiving medals in a recent competition in the Advanced Men’s Chen Tai Chi Form Division and also Sparring in the advanced division for men.  division

In the form presentation he was awarded a 9 by one of the judges! He shared:

“The one takeaway I got was that there was definitely a big difference between those in intermediate and advanced ring. There also seems to be lacking of people to do the true movement that we practice lots of in silk reeling so that probably helped in placing that 9.  Tai Chi has definitely helped me with my real full contact sparring as well.”

Keep up the good work everyone.  The benefits or Tai Chi are cumulative and this is more proof that our class is on the right track.  Angel, amazing effort on your part.

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