Chen Tai Chi Association of Austin

Come by and Join us for a class!

Chen Youze Push Hands

Austin Recreation Center – 1301 Shoal Creek (map)

We meet each Tuesday night at the Austin Rec. Center at 7:30.  Improve your health, challenge yourself mentally, and have a great time.   After attending the 7:30 class for a while, we would now like to invite class member to arrive at 7:00 to begin weapons classes.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

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ACTC Recent Donations:   Vietnam

Thank you for your continued participation in our group.  Classes are free with a suggested donation.  A portion of the donations that you make to the class are given to different organizations each quarter.  This quarter we donated money to two families in Vietnam who needed to make repairs and additions to their homes.

We donated to Nguyen Thi Phuong so that she is able to add a room to their house so their children have a place to sleep and learn.  Also, we donated to Ha Thien to improve their house against extreme weather.

Small collectively efforts result in big change.

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