About Austin Chen Tai Chi

100_6693Who we are:

We are an association of Chen Tai Chi practitioners who are interested in improving our abilities and introducing Chen Tai Chi to all who are interested.  We train together and attend or host workshops of Chen Masters and related martial artists in order to get instruction more directly from these sources.  Please see the Events and Conferences page for a list of everything that we have attended or have hosted over the past few years.

Who can attend?

Anyone who is interested in Chen Tai Chi.    Our core members are  Chen practitioners.  However, we come from varying backgrounds and experience levels.  You can have previous martial arts experience or can be a beginner.  Many of us routinely cross-train with practitioners of different arts and we interact with many Tai Chi practitioners in Central Texas.  The unifying element that we share is a belief that certain internal abilities are innate to our practices.  By building internal strength, we can positively affect our health and martial ability. We have a great respect for all practitioners in town and do not see our existence as competitive, but rather a mutual pursuit.

Why Chen Tai Chi?

Chen Tai Chi offers a complete system of Qi Gong, Tai Chi Open-hand frames, and weapons forms.  Several Chen Tai Chi Masters routinely tour the US giving us undiluted access to correction and instruction.   The results from training in Chen are not murky, mystical, or philosophical.  Tangible, physical gains can be made from dedicated practice.  If you already have studied in the martial arts, then you are probably familiar with the false summits, incomplete instruction, and foggy understanding of studying an Asian system.  We would be lying if we didn’t say that Chen is not often frustrating, a lot of work, and elusive!  However, by working together we have made serious improvements, and there are many documented, videoed, and live-in-the-flesh examples of what is possible by pursuing Chen Tai Chi.  Please visit the links on the History and Links and Class Content pages to read more about Chen Tai Chi.

What is the cost?

Class is free with a suggested donation of $1-$5.  We vote as a group each quarter to decide who to give our donations to and want to include more Austin Area organizations such as Goodwill and the Humane Society