Class Schedule

100_6665Tuesday Night Tai Chi Class
7:30 – 9PM

Austin Rec Center
1301 Shoal Creek
Central Austin  (map)

Tuesday classes are focused on the fundamentals of Chen Tai Chi.  In addition to several open-hand and weapons forms, Chen Tai Chi includes extensive supporting activities that inprove strengnth, flexibility, power, and movement.   The knowledge and improvement from the complete curriculum (not forms alone)  have a huge impact on health and the accuracy of the form.   Tuesday night activities include:

  • Warm up
  • Qigong: standing, breathing
  • Taiji sphere/ball: members can use abowling ball or follow the form with empty hands.   Chen Qing Zhou’s school in China begins the practice      with empty handsto work up to the weight of the  20 pound ball.
  • Lao Jia Yi L u (Old Road First Frame)
  • 8 Energies

After attending the 7:30 classes to become familiarized with Chen TaiChi, participants will be invited to begin class at 7:00 PM to work on weapons forms.  Weapons forms are designed to further develop attention, poise, intent, and balance.  They are not only beautiful but a lot of fun.  We focus on:

  • long pole
  • broadsword
  • straight sword
  • pole-shaking exercises

This class has a suggested donation of $1 to $5 dollars.   100% of all proceeds support both the Austin Area Organizations and go towards association expenses.

Taichi practitioners of all levels are welcome!

Note: parking at the rec center is free.  However, you will need to park and go to the desk to get a tag for your window.  After attending for a few classes, they will issue you a pass for your window so that you don’t have to stop at the desk.