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There is a belief that our brain is largely unruly and we don't have control over our thoughts. Or, if we believe that our thoughts are within our power to change, we beat ourselves up for having bad thoughts or an erratic mind. Through meditation and awareness practices we can (... read more)
Do you have a mind that races endlessly? Join the club, right? Stopping the brain's eternal discourse might not be entirely possible but know that there are people who experience less of it, they do experience breaks in thinking, and their thoughts are genuinely happier. Here are (... read more)
There are many myths about becoming conscious that I believe are holding many of us back. We don't feel that we are worthy, that we know how to do it, or that we have enough time. These myths about becoming conscious would all be fine if it weren't (... read more)
I am writing this article as a quick thought, as an epiphany that dawned on me as I worked to unravel this “consciousness” thing. I realized that my religious exposure (Christian) did not give me any space to accept that I could evolve into something greater or experience something (... read more)
There is a lot of confusion about what it truly means to be conscious, aware, or present as well as confusion as to whether this is even obtainable by the average person. Images of spiritual leaders sitting cross-legged for hours have pervaded our culture. When we think about obtaining a (... read more)
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