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The Governing Vessel is an energy pathway that runs up your spine enables you to build energy in your center and move it up to your head. This is an amazing feat which uses 1) energy you build in your dan tien and 2) energy you have naturally (... read more)
I was a novice meditator making little progress with meditation when I was introduced to the Microcosmic Orbit. I define “novice” as sucking at it at an unprecedented level. This means hearing tons about the benefits of meditation but sitting around, not knowing what I was doing, not getting any (... read more)
Hey community! A big and early happy new year and thank you for your hundreds of comments and reads in 2018! I just found out that Binaural Beats has a 20% of sale for the month of December on Everything! That means you can get any audio (... read more)
Many of the goals that we all have for starting or continuing our practice are directly dependent on two supersystems of energy that run through our body. The Governing Vessel + The Conception Vessel If you want to heal, be youthful, be in balance, and have good energy, then my (... read more)
Hi everyone, I wanted to take this month to review a book that has recently been published which contains great information to help us along our path. Davidine Sim and David Gaffney have put together a new book which shares interviews with 8 of the greatest (and currently living) (... read more)
Understanding the body's meridian systems takes, well, a medical degree and A LOT of time practicing. However, there is some basic knowledge we can get in a meridian overview that can catapult your qi gong and tai chi practice to the next level. This essay is aimed at (... read more)