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In a recent poll of the Tai Chi Basics community I asked what information would help improve their tai chi the most. Many of the responses you could guess: How do I improve my balance? How do I improve my stance? How should I breathe during the form? How (... read more)
I am so happy, no, let's say ecstatic, every time I find a piece of research that backs up this idea: The mind and the body would never do anything to hurt you. This is a brave statement. I know that there are people out there in excruciating pain. With (... read more)
Thankfully the world is waking up to the power of using tai chi to reduce stress and anxiety. Across the years that I have been teaching, the reasons that people come to class have changed. Often they are interested in the martial and meditative aspects. But increasingly (... read more)
There are many-many-many broadswords available in stores and online. Yet, there are just a few key things to know prior to picking one out for yourself. I am writing this article because there are a couple mistakes that I want you to avoid. The tai chi broad sword form is (... read more)
The Tai Chi Broadsword or Dao is the saber of the Chinese weapons family. It is most commonly called broadsword but also looks like the West Asian and Arab scimitar. Tai chi broadsword forms are typically short and fast with lots of jumps, turns, and hacking down with (... read more)
To be clear, the taichi ball is not a weapon. Even if a fight broke out in a bowling alley due to an argument during the beer frame, these skills would not serve you well. So why study the tai chi ball? I have another more intriguing question (... read more)