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I am writing this article as a quick thought, as an epiphany that dawned on me as I worked to unravel this “consciousness” thing. I realized that my religious exposure (Christian) did not give me any space to accept that I could evolve into something greater or experience something (... read more)
There is a lot of confusion about what it truly means to be conscious, aware, or present as well as confusion as to whether this is even obtainable by the average person. Images of spiritual leaders sitting cross-legged for hours have pervaded our culture. When we think about obtaining a (... read more)
… The post New content on consciousness and “waking up!” appeared first on Tai Chi Basics. (... read more)
new to meditation
Whether you are experienced or new to meditation, let's talk about meditation in a new light. It has long held a reputation in the west that makes it seem mystical, difficult, culturally different, and not something people routinely add to their day. If you were to interview 1000 of the (... read more)