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This article is directed at the disastrous notions in our culture that 1) enlightenment is reserved for the selected few and that 2) it happens once and then said selected person is forever changed. Hang with me. If these ideas rub you the wrong way, you are only (... read more)
Mindfulness Movement
The idea of Mindfulness has gained so much traction in the last several years, even garnering an exclusive issue of Time Magazine. We couldn't be more excited that conscious thought is now a buzzword. Yet, if we are left to believe that simply “being present” during daily activities (... read more)
Do you have a mind that races endlessly? Join the club, right? Stopping the brain's eternal discourse might not be entirely possible but know that there are people who experience less of it, they do experience breaks in thinking, and their thoughts are genuinely happier. Here are (... read more)
There are many myths about becoming conscious that I believe are holding many of us back. We don't feel that we are worthy, that we know how to do it, or that we have enough time. These myths about becoming conscious would all be fine if it weren't (... read more)