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Silk Reeling is an extremely misunderstood and mystified set of movements. On one hand, they are indeed fairly simple and repetitive movements. For this, they suffer a reputation of being basic or unimportant. On the other hand, every master describes the necessity and benefits of doing silk reeling exercises. To (... read more)
The Conception Vessel is the main Yin channel running along the front of the body and is also known as the Functional Channel, Front Channel, and Ren Mai. Energy can be moved up or down between the dan tian at the bottom and the lower lip at the top. Energy (... read more)
The Governing Vessel is an energy pathway that runs up your spine enables you to build energy in your center and move it up to your head. This is an amazing feat which uses 1) energy you build in your dan tien and 2) energy you have naturally (... read more)
I was a novice meditator making little progress with meditation when I was introduced to the Microcosmic Orbit. I define “novice” as sucking at it at an unprecedented level. This means hearing tons about the benefits of meditation but sitting around, not knowing what I was doing, not getting any (... read more)