cqzsnow2Chen Tai Chi Chuan has a rich history and there are many great resources on the web that provide great information.  Rather than reiterate what others have shared, we hope to provide some great links for further research.

Chen Tai Chi is practiced in a continuous and relaxed manner with movements based on Chan Si Gong (‘silk reeling’ or spiraling energy). These spiraling movements help to exercise both the internal and external parts of the body, promoting a calmer mind and improved health. The training develops martial techniques that can be used for attack or defence with emphasis on fa jin (explosive release of energy) and qinna (neutralization). The training consists of individual exercises and forms (sequences of movements), and `pushing hands’ (tui shou), a series of drills perfomed with a partner. Chen Tai Chi is the oldest of the five major orthodox branches of Tai Chi (Chen, Yang, Wu/Hao, Wu, Sun), and the original source of them all. Chen Tai Chi was created by Chen Wangting (1600–1680 CE) in Chen Jiagou (Chen family village, literally `Chen family ditch’), Wenxian County in Henan Province in central China. Today there have been many generations of Chen family masters with disciples around the world promoting this beautiful gem of Chinese wushu (martial art).

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